Getting Your Pets Ready for Winter

Getting Your Pets Ready for Winter

10th Jun 2024

As the temperatures drop across Australia, it's essential to ensure your pets are ready for the colder weather. Here's how you can help your furry friends stay warm and comfortable.

Upgrade Your Pet’s Bedding and Shelter

Winter is the perfect time for snuggling, and just like you might switch to flannel sheets and thicker blankets, your pets need extra warmth too. Consider adding extra blankets to their beds or investing in a thicker bed to keep them cosy through the night. Shop the Zee.Dog Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed.

For pets that spend time outdoors, it's crucial to provide adequate shelter. Ensure they have a dry and wind-protected area, such as a snug kennel, to escape the winter elements.

Dress Your Pet in Warm Layers

Shorthaired breeds, in particular, can benefit from extra layers during winter. Dogs look stylish and stay warm in jackets, jumpers, and woollen knits. If your pet is comfortable, they might also appreciate a hat and booties to keep their feet warm. For those rainy walks, a rainproof jacket can make outdoor activities more enjoyable.

Exercise Safely in the Dark

With shorter days, you might find yourself exercising with your pet during darker hours. To keep your pet visible and safe, use high-visibility accessories and clothing. Glow-in-the-dark toys are also great for playtime in low light. Check out our recent article on exercising with your dog in the dark. 

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Take Extra Care of Young, Old, or Ill Pets

Young pets like puppies and kittens, as well as older or ill pets, are more susceptible to the cold. Puppies and kittens have less body fat and fur, while older pets often struggle with arthritis, which the cold can aggravate. On especially chilly days, consider postponing outdoor activities to keep them comfortable.

By taking these steps, you can ensure your pets stay warm, safe, and happy throughout the winter season.