Tips for Exercising with Your Dog in the Dark

Tips for Exercising with Your Dog in the Dark

10th Jun 2024

As daylight hours dwindle, mornings and evenings become darker, but your dog still needs exercise. Here are some tips for keeping your exercise routine safe during winter.

Equip Your Dog with High-Visibility Gear

Using the right gear for dark conditions makes evening runs safer and more enjoyable. If you walk your dog early in the morning or after work, winter may mean those walks are in low light. Ensure your dog is visible to others.

  • Reflective Collars and Harnesses: Use reflective collars and harnesses to keep sight of your pet. For added visibility, attach an adventure light to their collar.
  • High-Visibility Vests: Consider high-visibility vests to make your dog even more noticeable in low-light conditions.

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Adjust Walking Times to Avoid the Cold

If your schedule allows, adjust walk times to avoid the coldest parts of the day.

  • Midday Walks: Plan walks during midday when there's more natural light and warmer temperatures.
  • Dog Jackets: If you can't walk during the warmer parts of the day, consider a jacket for your dog. This is especially beneficial for short-haired breeds and older dogs.

Use High-Visibility Toys Adjust Walking Times to Avoid the Cold

If your dog loves playing fetch, high-visibility toys are essential for dark conditions. Light-up and glow-in-the-dark toys help your dog find them easily, ensuring you don't lose another ball.

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Stick to Familiar, Well-Lit Paths

Choose well-lit routes to keep an eye on your dog and avoid trip hazards.

  • Familiar Routes: Use paths your dog knows well to prevent them from getting overly excited and running off.

Train Your Dog to Walk Safely and Calmly

An excited dog can make walks difficult. Teach your dog to walk properly on a lead, especially in the dark.

  • Lead Training: Regularly train your dog during daylight to stay on the pathway and not stray off the curb, making nighttime walks safer.
  • Retractable or Long Leads: If your dog likes to sniff around, use a retractable or long lead to let them explore safely without losing sight of them.

Exercise at Home

Even if outdoor walks are shorter, keep your dog active indoors. Play fetch in the backyard, teach new tricks, or set up a mini agility course to keep your dog's mind and body engaged.

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By following these tips, you and your dog can safely enjoy your exercise routine even during the darker winter months.